About Club C

Club C is an industrial space located in the heart of Sectie-C. It was originally known as Hall B. Things have changed since then.

Sectie-C has exchanged hands a few times before becoming the terrain it is today. The terrain was first built in 1970 by Nolte Electronic and Mechanical Industries, which were producing switchboards, lamp posts and traffic signs, and later became known as the Stork Nolte Terrain. Hall B, now Club C, was the garage for Nolte’s service trucks.

Being a young but ever expanding incubator of creative talent, Sectie-C realized it needed its own special venue; wanting to expand and show the world what creativity and talent reside on its terrain.

Awareness, this creative terrain sits at the East-end of Eindhoven. Artists, makers, entrepreneurs of all professions reside and work here all year-long. These Sectie-Cers offer wide varieties of services, products and solutions for all types of needs, whether it be in design, events, every-day challenges, and/or big world problems!

Business opportunities are created between your event and the entrepreneurs of the terrain in supplying products, creating tailor-made events, or even by offering great service for your event by showcasing their talent, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Wallpaper is Club C’s wall of fame. It allows Sectie-C artists and designers to showcase their art or design on the venue’s wall space, thus Wallpaper. Every four months or so, the art, the design changes in the room. Letting the artists and designers express themselves and give colour and life to this beautiful industrial venue.