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Club C is the perfect venue for your event. This white industrial space allows for all your creativity to come out and see it come to life. IN need of inspiration? We can also help you create your event or connect you with the creative forces on Sectie-C: on-site suppliers, designers, decorators, etc.


Club C offers a world of possibilities. Its almost perfect square shape gives you the chance almost perfect square for you to use as your playground. It is big enough for your imagination to run wild, yet intimate enough to keep your event personal and intimate. We can create your event from scratch, help you along the way or just facilitate it for you. As you wish.


Our friendly staff is experienced for all types of events and almost every type of request. They cater and anticipate your needs and work with you to ensure your experience at Club C and your event are unforgettable!


Exhibiting at Club-C has been a good opportunity for us to bring our work to a wider audience. It has also given us the chance to evaluate for ourselves our larger scale paintings, together in a clean and well lit open space.

Chris & Jody Vingoe

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